The Surfsport is booming

Wing foiling, windsurfing, kitesurfing, stand up paddling and surfing are on the rise. More and more people are succumbing to the allure of surfing and gliding across the water on their boards. And because the perfect spots for practising this sport are limited due to geographical conditions, a notable surf tourism has developed in recent years.
Within Europe, Portugal has been elevated to the status of surfing Mecca. The Atlantic coast with its reliable winds and challenging waves offers everything a surfer needs to be happy.


Sport Resort

The Mainpeak Resort is located close to the Atlantic coast and directly adjacent to a large nature reserve. The diverse landscape offers a whole range of possibilities to explore it in many different ways.

Ideal climate for perfect waves
Caminha is located on the coast, surrounded by rivers, hills and mountains. There is always wind blowing here because the warm air rises over the land and sucks in the colder air from the Atlantic. The rising warm air is accelerated on the slopes of the mountains and provides a reliable wind on the coast. There is usually a S/W wind in winter and the N wind, the well-known Nortada, in summer. It starts around midday, increases steadily until 5pm and eventually peaks around 25 knots. Perfect for experts, but also the ideal place to start surfing thanks to sheltered bays.

Resort’s own surf school

Our focus is naturally on water sports. We invite beginners and experts to learn or improve the sport in our resort’s own surf school. Be it surfing, kiting, windsurfing or the new trend wing-foil, we can offer it all. Together we go to the ideal spots and have a great surfing day.

The wing foil school is already open!

Mountain bike, trekking

Variety is a must! The area around the Mainpeak resort invites you to go mountain biking, trekking or just for a walk. And if you don’t feel like doing any sports, you can chill out on the terrace of your room or do a few relaxing rounds in the pool.

Group dynamics instead of mass tourism

Surfers who are serious about their passion are not looking for the party mile, but for the nature experience. Instead of partying, they go for a surf session or a mountain bike tour before sunset and then philosophise about the sport and life with friends around the campfire. This group of surfers is growing. They are interested in sport, nature, peace and quiet and time for themselves. They avoid overcrowded surf centres and look for individual holiday destinations to leave their stressful everyday work behind. With our Mainpeak resort in Caminha, we want to give this target group an attractive home.